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The new innovative project Creative Drop will be pairing young people with cutting-edge creative professionals to artistically transform a single parent centre in Easton this Christmas.

Creative Drop will be inspiring young people to kick-start their careers in the creative industries by harness­ing their skills to renovate spaces in need within the local community. Organised and funded by the social enterprise PAPER Arts, with the support of well-known organisations such as the Prince’s Trust, Young Bristol, Creative Youth Network and Knowle West Media Cen­tre, Creative Drop aims to stress the beauty and energy of our young people and their capacity for social contri­bution.

From textiles to photography, the Creative Drop team will start its legacy this Christmas by adding a splash of creativity, design and soul to The Silai Centre (Easton). This organisation undertakes fantastic work supporting, empowering and mentoring vulnerable, single parents, enabling them to build a more fulfilled and successful life for them and their children.

Creative Drop will make this space striking, imagina­tive and inspiring by leading a team of young creatives to work together and use their creative skills, making a genuine difference to the users of The Silai Centre and their community.

The creative sector in Bristol has enormous potential to generate economic growth in the region. However, it is deeply concerning that creative employers in the South West are struggling to fill entry-level vacancies, while there are hundreds of unemployed young people desperate for work.

In reaction to this, PAPER Arts and its Creative Drop project were born in a pursuit to help long-term un­employed young people develop a career in the cre­ative industry. It is doing this by providing opportu­nities in which to apply their creativity and grow their aspirations, connections and skill sets. The project is without doubt a massive stepping stone between young people and a future creative career that they may be struggling to kick-start.

Simone Kidner, founder and managing director of the Broadmead-based social enterprise PAPER Arts, explains: “Creative Drop is proving to be a very hands-on, exciting way to engage and empower young people to embrace their ambitions, whilst doing some genu­ine good in the local community.”

From the 13th to the 19th December Creative Drop will be taking over the café at the Silai Centre to transform it into something amazing with a celebratory reveal of the results on the afternoon/evening of the 19th.

We are hoping to gain further funding for the project through crowd funding, visit our pledge page online:–2/x/9253551

To find out more visit our Facebook page:


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