Tool Shops

The sustainable way to create social change.

Tool shops help us all build our capabilities by supporting each other. Capabilities are the tools that ensure us all to live increasingly independent and creative lives.

Help start a conversation about how tool shops can help build more creative, inclusive and sustainable communities.

There will be an example tool shop as well as some tools on show. There will also be a chance to make your own tools and to get some advice on how tool shops can work in your community.

At the Trinity Tool Shop you can:

  • Book a slot for an individual coaching session.
  • Suggest a topic for a peer support forum and present/get feedback for a project you’re working on.
  • Book a one-to-one to explore how a tool shop could work in a community setting of your choice.

Contact :  Telephone 01173178099

Wednesday 29th October 11am – 4pm

The Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, Bristol, BS2 0NW


One thought on “Tool Shops

  1. Thanks so much for sharing! Best wishes, Charlotte

    Charlotte Pain Coordinator (Creative Development Programme)

    Working Days: Tuesday to Thursday

    art + power Centre Gate Colston Avenue Bristol BS1 4TR 0117 317 8099

    art + power is a charitable society for the benefit of the community. Registered in England in 1998 under the Industrial Provident Societies Act, 1965 – 1978. No 28770R. Exempt Charity Status Ref: XR26236


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