Active Neighbourhood Transport Grants now available

A second round of Active Neighbourhoold transport grants, funded through Bristol’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) as part of its Active Neighbourhoods Programme, are now available. Apply by 29 March 2013 for projects that will be implemented before April 2015.

Grants are available from as little as £500 up to a maximum contribution of £100,000. The aim is to fund as many projects across the city as possible; so lower cost applications that demonstrate value for money are especially welcomed.

Sustainable travel is important for individuals, communities and the wider environment. On a personal level, it can help us take short journeys on foot or by bike, increasing our activity levels to benefit our health as well as saving us money. For communities it can increase the numbers of people out on the street, making the streets feels safer and encouraging use of local shops and facilities. On a wider level, sustainable travel travel aims to provide attractive options for young people, commuters and older people alike, as well as improving air and noise quality in our city.

Please feel free to circulate this opportunity to your networks as local community groups are encouraged to apply.  More information here:


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