Free 8-Week Arts Course for Women

Referrals are now being accepted for a course for women with a need for positive mental health support, at risk of offending and/or within the Criminal Justice System.  It is part of the Creativity Works Networks project and runs at Light Box, starting on January 15th.

The course is for women going through tough times, who want to build confidence, reduce exclusion and explore creativity. 

  • A creative and fun way to build connections and move forward positively.
  • Every Tuesday from 2 – 3.30pm. Starting 15th January.  
  • 12 spaces available. 
  • Held at Light Box, first floor of the Galleries Shopping Centre, Broadmead, Bristol.
  • Week 7 special session (26th February) held at Arnolfini Arts Centre, Broad Quay, Bristol.
  • Facilitated by Kathryn John – Light Box facilitator and supported by the Light Box Team. 
  • Mentor support provided for participants in between sessions.   

Referrals process: Please contact Kathryn at Light Box: with the name and contact details of the participant, and a contact name and number at the referral organisation. Contact or queries can be made directly by participants or referral organisation staff.  

Further information about the Networks Project

NETWORKS is a new Creativity Works project based in Bristol, working with professional artists to deliver courses of arts workshops for vulnerable women involved with the criminal justice system or facing mental health issues.

The networks course aims to support service users’ ‘recovery of self’ and self-development in a group setting. A range of creative activities tailored around participants’ interests will develop a range of skills, the ability to engage with others and an increased sense of wellbeing. The project also supports the integration of professional artists within partner settings.

Courses are run in parallel across five settings and are 6-8 weeks long. Project partners include: Teign Ward (a women’s medium secure unit), Eastwood Park prison (mother & baby unit), One 25 (reaches out to women trapped in street sex work), Rethink (women affected by mental illness), and cultural partners Arnolfini and Light Box. Two of these courses are already underway, with three more starting in January.

A resource developed with participants will allow the sharing of artwork across the courses, creating connections and communications between the women. Visits are arranged to cultural centres in the city, allowing women to feel a stronger sense of community.

Creativity Works is a creative community development agency, delivering quality socially engaged and participatory arts projects. Further courses are being run later in the year. Please contact Deborah Aguirre Jones for further information:


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