Creative and Credible Evaluation: Notes from a training session

In a training session organised by NHS Bristol and Artshine on the 9th November 2012, 17 people – mainly arts and health practitioners –  gathered to learn about, discuss, share knowledge of ‘Creative and credible approaches to evaluation and documentation’. The session was led by Jane Willis of Willis Newson.

Willis Newson documented the day and we are posting our notes and other records of the day here as a resource for those who attended and anyone else who is interested in the subject.

We discussed photographic consent and a sample consent form which you can amend for your own use is available for download as a Word document here.

 During the session participants noted and discussed their own ideas about evaluation. We have turned this discussion into a Wordle, which you can download here.

Jane gave a presentation about creative documentation methods and introduced the idea of the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Evaluation, Documentation and Marketing (download PDF).

The images below relate to an evaluation exercise of the session itself. More information about how we did this can be found in our record of the session, which you can download here: Creative and Credible Evaluation and Documentation Notes 9th Nov 2012.

Please note that all images remain the property of Willis Newson. If you’d like to know more about training offered by Willis Newson, please email


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