Bristol win at AHSW Awards

It was fantastic to see so many Bristol projects and people represented in the first ever AHSW Awards at the end of June. The quality and diversity of arts and health practice has come a long way in the past 5-10 years, and this was brought vividly to life at the awards ceremony at M-Shed when all of the shortlisted projects made brief presentations.

Bristol was well represented – Artshine was nominated for the Health Award, alongside North Bristol NHS Trust’s “In Whom We Trust”. And three Bristol projects were shortlisted for the Arts Award: Light Box Happiness Project, Misfits Theatre Company, and Myrtle Theatre’s ‘A Letter to That’s Life!’.

Bristol’s own Louisa Newman, arts on referral manager for NHS Bristol’s Artshine programme, won the AHSW award for individual achievement.  Her notable achievements include raising the profile of arts in health among Bristol’s GPs and primary care professionals; developing a service that compliments and fits with general practice; and implementing a code of practice that ensures artists working with Artshine deliver a quality service and receive training and supervision to support their work.

All in all, it made me proud to be a Bristolian!

More information about the other winners (Berkeley Vale Health Community Arts Project and Double Elephant Print Workshop), all the short-listed projects, and the awards themselves is available on the AHSW website.


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